Thermal Balancing Valves

1⁄2″ FBSP Thermal Balancing Valve
1⁄2″ FBSP Thermal Balancing Valve
TREG100060	with cover
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Safely and reliably balances a secondary hot water supply in commercial applications

Reliance Valves Thermal Balancing Valves are designed for use in circulating hot water systems. The valve regulates the flow of water depending on the temperature. Once the water temperature rises to its set point at 70°C, the thermal balancing valve restricts the flow. A bypass opens following a higher flow rate for disinfection purposes to protect against Legionella.

The valve provides thermal balance in hot water systems to ensure a constant temperature and to limit the flow in circulation pipes to the minimum required level. The thermal balancing valves are installed at the hot water return point within a toilet or washroom. It’s dry-fit thermometer means that the system does not need to be drained down and tamperproof cap secures settings in place.

Also available with SharkBite push-fit connections.

Features and benefits

  • Easy temperature adjustment between 40-65°C
  • Tamperproof adjustment
  • Built-in disinfection function to protect against Legionella
  • Dry-fit thermometer included
  • Pre-insulated, saving time and cost
  • Suitable for use on secondary circulating hot water systems
  • Compatible with copper pipe only


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionModelSize mmBSP ″Accreditations
SBTREG10006015mm Thermal Balancing Valve with SharkBite ConnectionsSharkBite Connections15
SBTREG10006522mm Thermal Balancing Valve with SharkBite ConnectionsSharkBite Connections22
TREG1000601⁄2″ FBSP Thermal Balancing ValveFBSP Model1⁄2
TREG1000653⁄4″ FBSP Thermal Balancing ValveFBSP Model3⁄4