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Our brand story

Transforming safety and reliability for over 70 years.

From humble beginnings to global powerhouse

The Reliance name in water control valves was born in small workshop in downtown Brisbane in 1949, with a passion to protect people and property.

Marc Schoenheimer, a talented young engineer, was the driving force behind our pioneering growth in the early years. He was passionate about making water heating systems safer, cleaner and less prone to failures. 

As the business grew, the business developed many industry-leading innovations, including pressure reducing valves and the first low pressure relief valve, as well as the world’s first packaged unvented heating storage system that would go on to transform the industry.  

Fast forward to today and we are now a global brand focusing on the design and manufacture of high quality valves for hot and cold water and heating systems, as well as heating system components.

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Our innovative spirit continues, with new products developed to make lives easier, safer and ever more reliable.

A united family of brands

Reliance Valves is an integral part of the RWC’s family of brands. Now headquartered in Atlanta USA, the RWC group has a truly global reach, with an integrated family of brands including Reliance Valves, John Guest and SharkBite at its core. The family of brands has a clear purpose to make customers’ lives easier with clever solutions for the modern built environment.  

RWC Family of Brands

Push-fit connectors and systems for plumbing, drinks dispense, water treatment, compressed air, telecoms, automotive and OEMs.

Water control valves for plumbing and heating, including pressure, temperature and specialist combination valves.

Brass  push-fit connectors for plumbing , as well as brass fittings and aluminium pipe for compressed air and pneumatics.

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