Plastic tundishes that act as a safety device for pressure and temperature relief valves. 

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Reliance Valves Tundishes are installed within heating and cooling systems to act as a safety device for both pressure and temperature relief valves. Installed close to the relief valve, tundishes allow you to easily see if water has escaped the system due to excessive water pressure.  

Tundishes also act as a backflow prevention valve for Category 5 fluid risks, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between a water system overflow or discharge pipe in a sewer line or drain. Our range also incorporates a slimline AA type air gap and is available in a variety of angles and sizes. 

1 Total available results
15mm RAVB-15 90° Plastic Tundish Assy
15 × 22mm Tundish Slimline Straight Black
1 1⁄4″ × 1 1⁄2″ Plastic Tundish
1 1⁄2″ × 2″ FBSP Straight Epoxy M/S Tundish
2 1⁄2″ × 3″ FBSP STR Tundish M/S Black Epoxy


Backflow prevention device for Category 5 fluid risks with AA type air gap