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Our education sector is under great pressure to ensure the constant maintenance and improvement of facilities across all primary, secondary, higher and further education estates. Yet rising demand for school places and limited public funding means resources are more stretched than ever.

Specifying products for education buildings places emphasis on the need to only invest in solutions that will perform long-term. Where water management is concerned this translates into ensuring safe use, trouble-free and tamper-proof operation, as well as quick and easy maintenance. This must all be built-in to a high quality and affordable design that will efficiently handle the daily rigour of its environment.

Solutions for education

From mixing valves that provide safe and stable water temperature, to double check valves preventing backflow and contamination, through to flush valves to reduce water wastage, many of our products are used across educational settings. Explore our products to find out more.

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24 Volt Proportional Actuator

24 Volt Actuator

24 Volt Modulating Actuator to control flow of water through a Pressure Independent Control Valve
3⁄8″ Automatic Air Vent
15mm Automatic Air Vent
1⁄2″ Automatic Air Vent
15mm Automatic Air Vent with JG Speedfit Connections
15mm Automatic Air Vent Nickel

Automatic Air Vents

Automatically releases air from heating systems without the need for additional bleeding

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