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Innovative time, space and cost-saving specialist and combination valves for plumbing and heating. 

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Reliance Valves has been developing pioneering solutions for the plumbing and heating industry for over 70 years. One such innovation is our range of combination and specialist valves that combine multiple functions into one unit, saving time, space and cost on site.  

Within this range you will find our Tenant Valve Plus water monitoring and control device, combination Thermal Balancing and Pressure Reducing Valves, One-Piece Inlet Controls for unvented cylinder safety, and a specialist Pressure Operated Urinal Flush Valve

All our specialist and combination valves are engineered to ensure optimal performance and safe operating conditions.  

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3⁄4″ FBSP Tenant Valve Plus

Tenant Valve Plus

Compact combination valve that controls and monitors water supply to multi-unit sites
Victoria Square Apartments, Woking retail centre.
Case study

Victoria Square Appartments

Breathing new life into Woking town


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Watch Tenant Valve Plus: Time Trial on YouTube.

Watch our Time-Trial: Tenant Valve Plus

See how our compact Tenant Valve Plus offers optimal water monitoring and control in multi-occupancy buildings, while saving time and space. 

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