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At Reliance Valves we produce innovative, world-class products to transform safety and reliability for the plumbing and heating industry. 

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Our brand story

The Reliance name in water control valves was born in 1949 with a passion to protect people and property. As the business grew, we developed many industry-leading innovations, including pressure reducing valves and the first low pressure relief valve, as well as the world’s first packaged unvented heating storage system that would go on to transform the industry. 

Fast forward to today and Reliance Valves is a global brand focusing on the design and manufacture of valves for the control of water pressure, temperature and flow, plus components for sealed heating systems. 

Our innovative spirit continues, with new products developed to make lives easier, safer and ever more reliable. 

Our story in the making…

Discover more about our origins and the wider RWC family of brands around the world.


Innovation applied

Pioneering product solutions that set the standards in quality. 

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Trusted reliability

Reliance Valves specialise in pressure, temperature and thermostatic mixing valves that protect and safeguard hot & cold water systems and heating systems, while creating safe and comfortable homes and workspaces. 

Tested to country-specific standards across the world, our products have a well-deserved reputation for precision-engineering and robust, long-lasting quality. This trusted reliability, is matched by unrivalled customer service which has enabled us to build strong relationships across the plumbing and heating industry.

Accredited and assured

Reliance Valves provides customers with complete confidence in its products and services and are accredited to the following standards:

BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified.
BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified.
BSI UKAS Management Systems 0003.
UKCA certificated.
CE mark.
NSF TMV 2 Certified.
NSF TMV 3 Certified.
WRAS Approved.

RWC Family of Brands

Push-fit connectors and systems for plumbing, drinks dispense, water treatment, compressed air, telecoms, automotive and OEMs.

Water control valves for plumbing and heating, including pressure, temperature and specialist combination valves.

Brass  push-fit connectors for plumbing , as well as brass fittings and aluminium pipe for compressed air and pneumatics.

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Shaping a sustainable future

As a leading manufacturer contributing to the built environment, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference. Our wide range of products are designed to control the temperature, flow and safety of water distribution in both commercial and domestic buildings. 

Through these products and our company sustainability policies, we’re committed to helping make the world a better, safer and more sustainable place.   

Find out how RWC and its family of brands are working together to shape a more sustainable future. 

Together we are one Team SPIRIT

Shared values

Within John Guest and the wider RWC group there's a shared culture that's encapsulated in our SPIRIT values.

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We are always looking out for fresh talent to bring new ideas and strengthen our growing team.

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