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Anti-Legionella Valves

High performance Anti-Legionella Valves that prevent Legionella from breeding in cold water systems. 

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Reliance Valves Anti-Legionella Valves prevent bacteria from contaminating stored cold water within the expansion vessel by maintaining circulation and eliminating stagnation. 

The Anti-Legionella Valve converts a standard single connection expansion vessel into a ‘flow through type’ by diverting a portion of the flow into the vessel so that the water is continually renewed. 

Suitable for use on any standard expansion vessel with a 3/4″ or up to 1 1/4″ connection, our valves have an integrated isolation ball valve for simple installation and servicing, as well as a 1/4" drain plug to enable the vessel to be drained whilst still connected to the valve. Our  3/4″ Anti-Legionella Valve also has a rotatable tee-piece and wall bracket for fast and simple installation. 

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