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We are the world’s largest manufacturer of water control valves and heating system components. 

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Reliance Valves develop safe, sustainable and efficient water control and heating system products for the modern built environment. From clever water-saving combination valves that reduce installation time, labour and cost, through to our industry-leading thermostatic mixing valves, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.   

We offer a wide range of high-performance water control valves and heating system components offering longevity of service and ease of installation across a broad range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.  Our four product categories encompass the complete Reliance Valve range. So, whether you are an architect, specifier, contractor or installer, we can provide everything you need. 

To find a water control and heating system product or to discover more about our solutions, take a look at the categories below. 

A man's hands holding a Reliance Valves temperature control valve.

Temperature Control

Reliable and consistent temperature control valves providing optimal safety and comfort, including thermostatic mixing valves as well as tempering, balancing and blending valves.  

A man's hands holding a Reliance Valves flow control valve.

Flow Control

Precise water control valves to regulate flow and pressure, including pressure reducing valves, ball valves, check valves, water meters and leak detection systems. 

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Heating System Components

Versatile solutions for the precise and safe control of sealed heating systems, including pressure relief valves, tundishes, expansion vessels, thermostats, heating kits and more. 

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Combination & Specialist Valves

Time and space-saving combination valves, including the Tenant Valve range, thermal balancing and pressure reducing valves, as well as reduced pressure zone backflow preventers. 

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OEM Solutions

Innovative problem-solving OEM products and solutions, including our branded product range as well as bespoke components and customised products to suit your specific needs.

Introducing our new range

Reliance valves with JG Speedfit Connections

This new range perfectly blends our world-leading technologies to transform the speed and simplicity of your installations, as no tools are required.

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