Innovation & Quality

New ideas are continually developed by our engineering and quality teams in conjunction with our partners and customers.

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Innovation applied

Over 70 years ago our first product release was a drain cock for domestic wash boilers. This opened the gateway for innovative domestic water softeners, bath-heater diverter cocks, bath-heater mixing valves and pressure reducing valves. 

Our development of the world’s first packaged unvented heating storage system would go on to transform the industry. New ideas are continually developed by our in-house engineering and quality teams in conjunction with our partners and customers. 

Setting safety standards

Our thermostatic, pressure and combination and specialist valves are renowned for innovation, quality and setting safety standards across the globe. In fact, our TMVs have been developed in line with legislation that we have had a key influence on. 

thermo mixing valve

Reliance Valves was instrumental in lobbying, providing technical support, writing specifications, and promoting the introduction of the NHS’ D08 (Part G of the Building Regulations). This is now a worldwide benchmark for thermostatic mixing valves.  

We were also instrumental in developing the TMV2 scheme for domestic applications and the TMV3 scheme for hospital and healthcare settings.   

All Reliance Valves products are tested off-site to achieve relevant country product accreditations and approvals.  

Accredited and assured

Reliance Valves provides customers with complete confidence in its products and services and are accredited to the following standards:

BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified.
BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified.
BSI UKAS Management Systems 0003.
UKCA certificated.
CE mark.
NSF TMV 2 Certified.
NSF TMV 3 Certified.
WRAS Approved.

Our latest innovations

Recent innovations include Tenant Valve Plus, MultiSafe and Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit.

A man's hands holding a Reliance Valves specialist valve.

Tenant Valve Plus

The Reliance Valves Tenant Valve Plus is a breakthrough in multi-functional design combining a number of valves in one compact unit to save time and space onsite. 

Ideal for multi-occupancy applications it includes an isolating/stop valve, a pressure reducing valve, double check valve and a patented dual reading pressure gauge/test point – showing both inlet and outlet pressure. It also features a connection point for water meters.  

MultiSafe 1″ MBSP Leak Detector Control Valve

MultiSafe Leak Detection

MultiSafe is a new valve combined with app technology that provides the ultimate in intelligent leak detection and water management control. By constantly monitoring water usage it safeguards plumbing and heating systems by identifying potential system failures and mitigating the damage of leaks. 

reliance valves with speedfit

Reliance Valves with push-fit connections

Recent product development includes Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections. Integrating our valves with another of our RWC family of brands, we’ve created the first push-fit valves suitable for domestic and light commercial applications. By bringing together these two technologies this range of valves delivers ultimate water control and huge time-saving benefits for installers, with no tools required. 

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All Reliance Valves products are tested off-site to achieve relevant country product accreditations and approvals.

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