Anti vac valve

Anti-Vacuum Valves & Air Vents

Reliable anti-vacuum valves and air vents that prevent vacuums and air locks in heating systems. 

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Reliance Valves Anti-Vacuum Valves and Air Vents protect hot water applications and sealed heating systems by preventing vacuums and air locks from forming. Our valves are designed to eliminate a wide range of problems from water hammer to corrosion and increased maintenance cost, while ensuring system performance and efficiency.  

Made from high quality materials, our range of products offer long life and durability and are available in a range of sizes. Our Valves are available with compression and BSP unions, whereas our Automatic Air Vent come with the same options as well as simple push-fit connection ends. 

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3⁄8″ Automatic Air Vent
15mm Automatic Air Vent
1⁄2″ Automatic Air Vent
15mm Automatic Air Vent with JG Speedfit Connections
15mm Automatic Air Vent Nickel

Automatic Air Vents

Automatically releases air from heating systems without the need for additional bleeding