World-leading water control valves

Precise control over the delivery of water through a robust range of potable and non-potable plumbing and heating products. 

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We specialise in water pressure, temperature and thermostatic mixing valves that protect and safeguard hot and cold water systems, creating safe and comfortable spaces where people live, work, learn and play.

From compression to BSP thread and push-fit, our water control valves come with a variety of end connections, and are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

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Temperature Control

Reliable and consistent temperature control valves providing optimal safety and comfort, including thermostatic mixing valves as well as tempering, balancing and blending valves.  

A man's hands holding a Reliance Valves flow control valve.

Flow Control

Precise water control valves to regulate flow and pressure, including pressure reducing valves, ball valves, check valves, water meters and leak detection systems. 

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Heating System Components

Versatile solutions for the precise and safe control of sealed heating systems, including pressure relief valves, tundishes, expansion vessels, thermostats, heating kits and more. 

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Combination & Specialist Valves

Time and space-saving combination valves, including the Tenant Valve range, thermal balancing and pressure reducing valves, as well as reduced pressure zone backflow preventers. 

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OEM Solutions

Innovative problem-solving OEM products and solutions, including our branded product range as well as bespoke components and customised products to suit your specific needs.

Trusted water control valves

From domestic buildings to commercial and industrial applications, our extensive range of water control valves and heating system components are trusted worldwide across the modern built environment. 

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Precise and consistent water temperature and flow control

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Protect and optimise hot water system performance

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Designed to safeguard property and people

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Minimise water wastage and energy consumption

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Time and spacing-saving combination and specialist valves

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A wide range of heating systems components and innovations for OEMs

RWC Family of Brands

Push-fit connectors and systems for plumbing, drinks dispense, water treatment, compressed air, telecoms, automotive and OEMs.

Water control valves for plumbing and heating, including pressure, temperature and specialist combination valves.

Brass  push-fit connectors for plumbing , as well as brass fittings and aluminium pipe for compressed air and pneumatics.

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Over 70 years of innovation

Reliance Valves challenges convention by pioneering products to transform performance and efficiency for plumbing and heating. 

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What's new

Showcasing our latest innovations that transforms system performance and efficiency, while reducing water wastage. Explore all our  Reliance Valves products.

Redox-Coated Brass Ball Valve

Redox-Coated Brass Ball Valves

Unique redox-coated Brass Ball Valve Stem Extension ensures smooth operation and prevents system debris build up. Suitable for heating, chilled, hot and cold potable water. 

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Tenant Valve Range

Space and time saving combination valves for effectively controlling and monitoring water to multi-occupancy buildings, offices and new build houses.

The MultiSafe valve.

MultiSafe Leak Detector Control Valve

MultiSafe offers ultimate leak detection by constantly monitoring and measuring water supply. Our internet-enabled solution sends an alert and shuts off supply when a leak is detected.