Reliance Valves MultiSafe.

Leak Protection

Get the ultimate leak protection with the MultiSafe Leak Detection System. 

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Our Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System offers ultimate leak detection, protecting properties and building projects from costly water damage. Combining smart app technology with intelligent water management control, our MultiSafe Leak Detection System safeguards plumbing and heating systems, identifying failures before they lead to costly leaks. 

When unusual activity is detected, the leak protection isolating valve automatically shuts off the water supply and sends an instant alert by text or email. Even the smallest leak is detected by constant microleak monitoring. Essential data and control functionality is accessed by a user-friendly smartphone app that can be configured to suit individual requirements.  

Designed for domestic and commercial applications, our MultiSafe Leak Detection System can easily be installed to existing and new buildings. It also helps earn BREEAM points, making it an attractive eco-friendly property investment.  

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