RWC introduces new system to protect properties and projects from costly water damage

Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System

RWC has launched its new Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System, designed to constantly monitor water usage to safeguard plumbing and heating systems and identify potential failures that lead to costly leaks.

Over £930 million water damage claims are paid out every year in the UK alongside substantial costs incurred by specifiers and contractors. Not only is this an expensive issue, it can be incredibly damaging as the potential water loss from a burst pipe can be as much as 3000 litres per hour. Beyond the obvious damage to ceilings, walls, floors and equipment, water damage can result in long project delays and penalties, as well as costly remediation work. With 43% of UK homes experiencing a leak, and 75% of those occurring in flats and apartments, solutions that protect properties from costly water damage are essential.

The Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System works by identifying leaks early to prevent water damage. It sends an alert when a leak is detected, and automatically shuts off the water supply. The system also monitors water usage and patterns, identifying potential areas for conservation, and can be connected with multiple devices on the same WiFi network to centrally control several devices in large buildings or apartments. 

Mike Riseley, UK Sales Director at RWC comments: “From dripping taps to burst pipes and leaky plumbing connections behind the wall or in building voids, there are many ways water can escape within buildings. The cost of water damage quickly adds up, especially when defects go undetected and are often only noticed when it is too late. Our new MultiSafe Leak Detection System from Reliance Valves offers specifiers, contractors and home owners peace of mind with real-time leak detection, and critically, the ability to stop leaks in their tracks.”

With both leak detection and water monitoring, MultiSafe helps to earn BREEAM points, making it an attractive eco-friendly property investment.

Mike continues: “The WRAS-approved system has been designed with ease of installation in mind, with MBSP union connections. It should be installed on the main cold-water line, before branches to appliances and after any other control valves. The system can be combined with the MultiSafe Floor Leak Sensor for ultimate leak detection in high-risk areas, or used as an independent solution. When in combination with the MultiSafe sensor the system can monitor the floor for wet areas alerting when water is detected. The sensor can also measure  room temperature and notify when it drops enough to cause pipes to freeze and burst, while also monitoring humidity levels to prevent mould formation.”

The Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System can be controlled using RWC’s free app, where instant alerts can be set up, real-time insights can be viewed, such as water usage, and settings can be adjusted using home and away modes. 

For more information on RWC’s Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System and to speak to one of our advisors, please visit here.