Introducing the all new Reliance Valves push-fit range with JG Speedfit technology

New reliance valves with speedfit range

RWC has launched its first ever Reliance Valves range that features push-fit connections from JG Speedfit. This new range perfectly blends the company’s world-leading technologies to transform the speed and simplicity of installations, as no tools are required.

The valves that are now available with push-fit connections include the Easifit Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) – 15mm, the 312 Compact Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) – 15mm and 22mm, the Nickel-Plated Ball Valve – 15mm and 22mm, and the Automatic Air Vent – 15mm.

We’re bringing our family of brands closer together by combing two of our world-leading technologies, and this unique range brings countless benefits for installers.

Our aim is to provide control valves for the modern built environment where time is money and jobs need to be completed efficiently. And this new range of push-fit valves has been developed to deliver just that in both domestic and light commercial applications. Alongside this, these valves make repair and maintenance works much faster too, as they can be demounted and reinstalled without tools. Also reducing system downtime.

Mike Riseley, UK Sales Director at RWC

The Easifit TMV from this range precisely blends hot and cold water to a safe and comfortable temperature, to protect users from scalding. This valve is compliant with both TMV2 and TMV3 schemes and has received much love from installers due to its small size, that simplifies installations in tight spaces, such as underneath baths.

Also benefitting from JG Speedfit technology is the 312 Compact PRV, that safely regulates the water pressure in a building. This valve is already one of the most robust and popular products of its type, and with push-fit connections and a one-piece cartridge design, the valve is even easier to install and service.

The reliable push-fit Nickel Plated Ball Valve safely and easily shuts off hot and cold water from appliances and fixtures. And the high-quality Air Vent with push-fit connections improves the performance of sealed heating systems by automatically bleeding air from the system.

All the new valves available with push-fit technology are still available in their existing compression and union connections.