New Heatguard Style TMV perfectly mixes design, safety & control

Reliance Valves Heatguard Style

High quality thermostatic technology is key to ensuring user safety, but it is of particular importance in environments with more vulnerable users such as young children, elderly adults or disabled people.

The Heatguard Style Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a Type 3 KIWA approved valve (offering the same safety approvals as the TMV3 scheme), ideal for environments where the valve must be front-of-wall. In addition to providing superior protection against scalding, the compact design and highly polished chrome finish makes it the ideal choice for high specification washrooms or applications where safety also needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

The main purpose for thermostatic mixing valves is to provide users with stable mixed water temperatures, reducing fluctuating water temperatures during use. When using a basin, people are likely to put their hands directly into running water without waiting for the water to get hot. When the water flow reaches full discharge temperatures can become scalding without warning if not properly controlled. The Heatguard Style however is capable of working at a flow rate of 2lpm, ensuring accurate temperature control even at low flow rates.

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