Oakleigh Road
Oakleigh Road

Energy efficient London development

Project at a glance

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Miron Energy
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14 Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone, London, N20 9EY
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Project requirements:

Plumbing solutions reducing installation time, reducing the risk of potential leaks and saving space within tight areas. 

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The project

In the heart of Whetstone, London Borough of Barnet, sits the tranquil green neighbourhood development of 14 Oakleigh Road, composed of 41, 1-to-2-bedroom apartments. Offering well-constructed homes with outdoor space and access to a variety of parks, the homes reflect a sense of modern and prestigious living. 

High-rise residential developments such as Oakleigh Road require intricate plumbing pipework and ventilation. Miron Energy, the mechanical contractor for this project, needed innovative products that would provide maximum installer safety and ease of use by taking up minimal space and time.

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Our involvement

Reliance Valves including the Tenant Valve Advance, Easifit TMV and 315i PRV, as well as the SharkBite Washing Machine Valve, were selected for this project.  

To help save installation time, the Tenant Valve Advance is a compact unit that features several valves, which makes installation in small spaces easier, while having fewer connections reducing the risk of leaks across the 41 apartments. 

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The specified Reliance Valves 315i PRV and the Easifit TMV are designed to control the pressure and temperature in the system. The project benefitted from these solutions both in terms of ease of installation and longevity of performance.  

The chrome plated SharkBite Washing Machine Valve reduces the need for separate isolation and double check valves for easier installation, further minimising the number of leak points. By installing Reliance Valves this removed the need for fitting an additional 164 valves for the project, greatly reducing the risk of leaks and unnecessary costs.

Miron Energy have a very good working partnership with RWC. The Reliance Valves range, including the Tenant Valve Advance, provides innovative solutions in terms of saving installation time, while enabling us to in install multiple valves in small spaces. The Tenant Valve Advance added value to the project by reducing the number of leak points due to having fewer connections. It was a pleasure working with RWC on this project and we will incorporate Reliance Valves in our future projects.

Alan Martin, Director at Miron Energy

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