Reliance Valves with Speedfit ends.

Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections

Our innovation, saving you time

We’ve brought our family of brands closer together by combining two of our world-leading technologies, Reliance Valves and JG Speedfit, to transform the speed and simplicity of installations.

Reliance Valves with Speefit Connectors logo lockup.

Fitting valves just got faster

Designed for domestic and light commercial applications, our new Reliance Valves range combines high performance with fast and reliable JG Speedfit push-fit connections.

Our precision engineered valves with push-fit connectors means both plastic and copper pipe can be fitted with ease. They're perfect for tight spaces as no tools are required. And you can count on reliability, thanks to our proven JG Speedfit technology.

Discover the control and reliability of Reliance Valves with the speed and simplicity of JG Speedfit

Reliance Valves, now with JG Speedfit connections

See the range of high performance valves in action

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