FVMX Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve

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Discharges water to prevent cylinder damage from excess high temperature or pressure

Reliance Valves FVMX Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves are high-capacity pressure and temperature relief valves suitable for domestic and larger commercial applications. The valve protects against over pressurisation or extreme temperatures over 95°C, which can occur within an unvented hot water system if the input temperature or pressure controls fail.

The valves are designed to be installed directly to the upper portions of a hot water cylinder, as this is where the hottest temperature is found. If the valve is opened, it will lift off its seat and release the water to the waste, reducing the pressure or temperature within the cylinder.

Features and benefits

  • High capacity protection for domestic and commercial applications
  • Protects against temperatures rising above 95°C
  • Prevents over pressurisation
  • Lever style easing mechanism
  • Available in different connection sizes
  • Suitable for hot water use only


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionModelOutlet Size mmBSP Inlet Size ″BSP Outlet Size ″Accreditations
PTEM600001FVMx Type 1″ BSP × 28mm 7 Bar Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve112mm Probe Pre-set at 7 Bar281
PTEM600002FVMx Type 1″ BSP × 1″ 7 Bar Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve120mm Probe Pre-set at 7 Bar11
PTEM600003FVMx Type 1 1⁄4″ BSP × 1″ 7 Bar Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve100mm Probe Pre-set at 7 Bar1 1⁄41
PTEM600004FVMx Type 1 1⁄2″ BSP × 1 1⁄2″ 7 Bar Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve80mm Probe Pre-set at 7 Bar1 1⁄21 1⁄2
PTEM600005FVMx Type 2″ BSP × 2″ 7 Bar Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve65mm Probe Pre-set at 7 Bar22