Black Touch Screen Programmable Room Thermostat

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This product is discontinued.

Touchscreen programmable thermostat for radiator or underfloor heating control

Reliance Valves touchscreen programmable thermostats are an ideal and stylish way to control the on/off times and set the temperature in a room. The thermostats are designed for semi-recessed installation using a standard electrical single pattress.

The programmable thermostats allow control of both radiator systems and underfloor heating systems. Programmable room thermostats provide precise temperature control at any time of day, which means the user can choose a suitable temperature depending on weather conditions.

Available in a stylish black or white design, the thermostats have a 7 day setting with 6 programmable events each day.

Features and benefits

  • Available in white or black finish to suit interior design
  • 7 day setting with 6 programmable events in each day
  • Precise temperature control to +/- 1°C
  • Ergonomic, unobtrusive, modern styling
  • Suitable for radiators and underfloor heating applications
Black T/Screen Program Thermostat Heat DISCONTINUED
Black Version