Single Jet Water Meter with Pulse Output - Cold

1⁄2″ MBSP Single Jet Pulse Water Meter (Cold)
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This product is discontinued.

Measures water consumption within a commercial or domestic building with pulse output for remote reading systems (cold water)

Reliance Valves Cold Water Single Jet Pulse is used for secondary monitoring purposes. The compact, pulse output, dry dial cold water meter is suitable for both single and multiple outlets. Designated as a class ’A’ meter, it has a magnetic coupling to the dial from the turbine and can be fitted both horizontally and vertically.

Suitable for water operating temperatures of up to 30°C, the dial can be rotated 360° to enable easy reading of the counter.

The pulse output connection enables connection to a pulse counter, which allows for remote reading from an associated Building Management System (BMS) system. 1 Pulse = 1 Litre

Features and benefits

  • Scale resistant integral components offer long life and good accuracy
  • Fully rotational dry dial enables easy reading of meter regardless of installation siting
  • Compact design gives freedom of choice for either vertical or horizontal installation
  • Designed to ensure silent operation
  • Can be upgraded after installation for radio transmission
  • Suitable for cold water use only
  • Compatible with copper pipe
SKUDescriptionModelBSP ″
WATM1200011⁄2″ MBSP Single Jet Pulse Water Meter (Cold)Nominal Flow Rate of 1.5m3/h1⁄2
WATM1200043⁄4″ MBSP Single Jet Pulse Water Meter (Cold)Nominal Flow Rate of 2.5m3/h3⁄4