Protecto YC In-line Strainer

Protecto YC 15mm Y Type Line Strainer
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In-line strainer for protecting valves and fixtures from system debris

Reliance Valves Protecto YC is a range of compact in-line strainers with hot pressed bodies and compression connections for quick and easy installation.

The filter mesh is dual thickness 60 mesh (0.25mm aperture) stainless steel to provide water systems with superior protection from debris and resistance to damage. Designed with an O-Ring seal access port to the sleeve filter, the Protector YC allows for easy servicing with no need to replace.

Features and benefits

  • Protects water systems from debris
  • Compression connections for simple low-cost installation
  • Compact DZR brass body
  • Access port to sleeve filter, allows servicing without replacing
  • O-Ring seal on access port for ease of service
  • Dual thickness gauze for improved resistance to damage
  • Stainless steel 60 mesh filter
  • Suitable for hot and cold and central heating applications
  • Compatible with copper pipe only


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionSize mmAccreditations
LINS400001Protecto YC 15mm Y Type Line Strainer15
LINS400002Protecto YC 15mm Y Type Line Strainer22
LINS400006`Protecto YC 15mm Y Type Line Strainer28
LINS400101Protecto YC 15mm Y Type Line Strainer15