Tenant Valve Water Meter

Tenant Valve Advance Water Meter
Tenant Valve Water Meter with Pulse Output
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Tenant Valve Advance

Tenant Valve Advance

Tenant Valve Advance Combination Valve with integral strainer, pressure reducing valve, ball type lever valve, dual reading gauge, double check valve and water meter port

A primary charging water meter to monitor water consumption

"Reliance Valves Tenant Valve Advance Water Meter for primary charging of a cold water supply. The valve is a coaxial type and suited for direct connection to the Tenant Valve Advance.

Acting as a sensitive positive displacement water meter, the valve features a rotating type impellor to reliably and accurately monitor the water supply usage.

The flowing water causes the piston to rotate within its chamber, each piston revolution being the equivalent to a known volume of water. The piston movement is transferred by a magnetic coupling to the register, which has the appropriate reduction gearing.

Option with integrated pulse output available, for connection to a pulse counter. This allows the end user to monitor water usage remotely.

The water meter is tailor made for the UK market and its unique requirements."

Features and benefits

  • High accuracy and a wide measuring range
  • Sealed super-dry register
  • Option with integrated pulse output available
  • Read switch acts as a dry contact allowing for accurate volume measurement
  • Lightweight composite body construction
  • Suitable for use as a primary charging meter
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Rotating dial allows orientation for easy reading
  • MID Approved - R315
  • Suitable for use with cold water only


WRAS approved product
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WATM250001Tenant Valve Water Meter1 1⁄21
WATM250050Tenant Valve Water Meter with Pulse Output1 1⁄2