Tenant Valve Accessories

Blanking cap for water meter connection
Tenant Valve Handle
Insulation cover for Tenant Valve Advance
Insulation cover for Tenant Valve Compact
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Replacement parts and optional accessories for the Tenant Valve Advance & Tenant Valve Compact

A range of accessories and spare parts for the Reliance Valves Tenant Valve Advance and Tenant Valve Compact.

Features and benefits

  • Optional accessories to suit the Tenant Valve Adavanced & Compact models.
SKUDescriptionQuantity per box
BCAP250001Blanking cap for water meter connection1
HNDL250001Shut off valve handle for Tenant Valves1
INSL250001Insulation Cover for Tenant Valve Advance1
INSL250050Insulation Cover for Tenant Valve Compact1