Potable Water Manifolds

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Centralises hot and cold water supplies to enable simple isolation of loops independently from the mains supply

Reliance Valves Potable Manifolds are available in 2, 3 and 4 port sizes, with either JG Speedfit push-fit or Euroconus connections, which can be used for both hot and cold water systems.

Each port has indicators to identify the fixtures supplied and serves as an isolating valve, so that individual zones of the installation served from the manifold can be isolated for servicing.

The manifolds can connect together to make a theoretically endless distribution manifold. Supplied complete with an end cap.

Features and benefits

  • All inlet sizes are 3/4" MBSP
  • Outlet sizes are 15mm JG Speedfit push-fit or Euroconus (fittings sold separately)
  • Indicators to identify the fixtures supplied by each port
  • Union connection allows multiple manifolds to be connected together
  • Suitable for hot or cold water systems only
  • For use with copper pipe only (JG Speedfit version suitable for use with Speedfit PEX and polybutylene barrier pipe [inserts required] and copper pipe)


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionModelSize mmBSP ″Accreditations
MANA500522Potable Manifold 2 Port with 15mm Speedfit Connections2 Port with Speedfit Connections15
MANA500523Potable Manifold 3 Port with 15mm Speedfit Connections3 Port with Speedfit Connections15
MANA500524Potable Manifold 4 Port with 15mm Speedfit Connections4 Port with Speedfit Connections15
MANA500552Potable Manifold 2 Port Euroconus Type2 Port Euroconus3⁄4
MANA500553Potable Manifold 3 Port Euroconus Type3 Port Euroconus3⁄4
MANA500554Potable Manifold 4 Port Euroconus Type4 Port Euroconus3⁄4