Single Control Thermostat 30-90C inc Pocket

Single Control Thermostat 30-90C inc Pocket
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Installed to a hot water cylinder to prevent overheating

Reliance Valves cylinder thermostats are designed for surface mounting on domestic hot water cylinders to keep water at the desired temperature.

The element attached to the temperature dial on the cylinder thermostat senses the temperature of the water inside and, when the water cools below the desired level, the element is turned on to bring it back up to temperature again.

Our cylinder thermostats restrict water temperature to a maximum of 82oC to provide safety and prevent scalding water from running through the system. Pockets are also available separately.

Features and benefits

  • Dual thermostat combines high limit and temperature control thermostat in one unit
  • High limit restricts to maximum 82°C
  • Temperature control for user flexibility
  • Pockets available separately
  • Suitable for hot water applications only
STAT500040Single Control Thermostat 30-90C inc PocketSingle Control Thermostat 30-90c including Pocket