Protecting patients with efficient and reliable water control and heating solutions.

We believe that a safely and effectively managed water system is one of a hospital’s most critical tools. If the component parts of a water system, from valves to taps and showers, have been thoughtfully designed to suit the complexities and maintenance demands of the hospital environment, they will be effective in minimising a patient’s risk of infection from Legionella as well as accidental injuries and burns.

Solutions for hospitals

From specialist anti-legionella valves to TMV3 approved mixing valves that provide a safe and stable water temperature at outlets, many of our products are used across healthcare settings to safeguard the vulnerable. Explore our products to find out more.

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3⁄8″ Automatic Air Vent
15mm Automatic Air Vent with JG Speedfit Connections
15mm Automatic Air Vent Nickel

Automatic Air Vents

Automatically releases air from heating systems without the need for additional bleeding
1⁄2″ Compact Type STBA Reduced Pressure Zone Valve

Compact STBA RPZ Valve

Protects plumbing systems from contamination, back pressure or back siphonage up to Fluid Category 4 (STBA type backflow prevention)

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