New build home

New build homes

Ultimate performance and efficiency.

New build developments are under constant pressure when it comes to designing cost-effective plumbing and heating solutions that take into account building specifications and the protection of occupants and the environment. Our water control valves and heating system components are designed to optimise performance and efficiency, while safeguarding people, property and the planet.

Solutions for new builds

Many of our products are used across domestic environments, from TMVs that provide safe and stable outlet temperatures, to leak detection systems that prevent water wastage and damage, to specialist restricting valves that regulate flow rates. Explore our products to find out more.

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15mm RAVB-15 90° Plastic Tundish Assy
15 × 22mm Tundish Slimline Straight Black
1 1⁄4″ × 1 1⁄2″ Plastic Tundish
1 1⁄2″ × 2″ FBSP Straight Epoxy M/S Tundish
2 1⁄2″ × 3″ FBSP STR Tundish M/S Black Epoxy


Backflow prevention device for Category 5 fluid risks with AA type air gap

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