Reliance Valves expands portfolio with over 200 new products

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Reliance Valves has been a trusted name in the global plumbing and heating industry, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Now, customers can expect even more from Reliance Valves as it unveils its latest major product range extension, comprising over 200 new control valves for commercial plumbing and heating. 

Dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, Reliance Valves continues to elevate performance and efficiency in plumbing and heating systems. With a team of nationwide experts offering technical specification support, Reliance Valves ensures that specifiers and contractors receive unparalleled service alongside its top-tier products.

"We are constantly seeking ways to enhance our product offerings and provide our customers with a broader range of solutions from a single trusted manufacturer, the introduction of over 200 new products greatly expands our commercial plumbing and heating offering and underscores our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, while maintaining our position as one of the world’s largest water controls manufacturers.”

Eric Winter, RWC EMEA Director of Product Development (Valves)

The expanded product range includes a wide range of valves aimed at enhancing system performance and simplifying installation, commissioning, and maintenance. These additions complement Reliance Valves’ market-leading TMVs, PRVs, and Tenant Valves, providing customers with an expanded selection from a single reputable manufacturer.  
Customers can now have access to an extensive array of isolation valves, commissioning valves, radiator valves, swing check valves, and strainers, all meticulously designed to uphold the highest standards of quality and durability.

Isolating Valves:

A range of isolating valves, gate valves, and globe valves tailored for isolating heating, chilled, hot & cold water, and gas applications. Featuring scale-resistant, anti-seize, redox-coated options - a unique offering in the UK market - these valves come with various operational mechanisms such as standard levers, extended levers, butterfly levers, or lockshield-operated, and are available in DZR brass, bronze, or nickel-plated variants. 

Commissioning Valves:

Dynamic and manual valves to optimise heating and chilled water applications. This range includes Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valves in standard & ultra-low flow configurations, Pressure Independent Control Valves & Differential Pressure Control Valves, as well as metering stations for simplified and rapid commissioning. These valves are available in DZR brass or bronze constructions. 

Radiator Valves:

Comprehensive selection of radiator valves designed to effectively control water flow and temperature. With options for manual and thermostatic control, as well as variable Kv and fixed Kv variants, customers can choose from straight or angled versions to suit their specific needs. 

Swing Check Valves & Strainers:

Preventing backflow and debris build-up, Reliance Valves introduces a variety of check valves and strainers including Swing Check Valves for heating and chilled water applications, and Y-type Strainers for heating, chilled, and hot & cold water systems. These valves are available in brass or bronze, ensuring longevity and reliability in operation.

With this product extension, Reliance Valves reaffirms its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. As the industry evolves, Reliance Valves stands ready to meet the challenges and exceed expectations, providing cutting-edge solutions for plumbing and heating systems across the globe.

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