Perry Barr
Perry Barr

Water safety and control at the forefront of product specification

Project at a glance

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Briggs & Forrester Living
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Birmingham, West Midlands
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Project requirements:

An efficient solution for large residential complex to supply, control and monitor water supply as well as mitigate leak risks.

Located in one of Birmingham’s most desirable suburbs, Perry Barr’s mixed complex consists of six residential buildings (Blocks A-E), ranging from 5-15 stories in height. As the largest plot in the scheme, with a footprint equivalent to three Wembley Stadiums, Plot 7 has been converted into a 270-bedroom mixed residential complex with one and two-bedroom apartments. A communal podium garden centres these well-constructed homes that feature balconies, rooftop terraces, and landscaped courtyards for both private and shared outdoor living.

Perry Barr building

The project

Large residential developments of reinforced concrete frame construction like Perry Barr require intricate plumbing pipework and public health works. MEP Contractors and Briggs and Forrester Living required an innovative solution that offers maximum performance and safety, while being quick and easy to install in small spaces.

Briggs and Forrester Living appointed RWC and its family of brands as the ideal solution after assessing multiple plumbing and heating suppliers.

Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System

Leak detection and protection during the initial build phase

Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detector Control Valve was installed during the initial build phase, to monitor the system over unoccupied periods like evenings and weekends. This solution acted as a safeguard throughout the build, minimising the risk of completion delays and potential water damage caused by unforeseen leaks.

Perry Barr valves

Leveraging push-fit to make fast, simple and reliable connections

Quality and efficiency were essential factors for the contractor, therefore, specifying JG Speedfit’s plastic pipe, Twist & Lock® fittings, and push-fit valves ensured these criteria were met and surpassed, creating a plumbing and heating solution that was easy to install, safe and secure, and easy to maintain, for many years to come. JG Speedfit’s 4-way push-fit manifolds were also used to separate the main supply line into 4 reduced outlet feeds.

Tenant Valve Advance thumbnail hero shot

Time and space-saving combination valve that reduces the risk of leaks

Reliance Valves’ Tenant Valve combination valves were installed to control and monitor the water supply across 270 apartments. As well as saving time and space, the compact single-cartridge design also reduced the risk of leaks across the multi-unit site.

Other solutions selected for the project, included the TMV2/3-approved Ausimix Thermostatic Mixing Valve featuring rapid failsafe protection against scalding and thermal shock on hot or cold supply.

Perry Barr ball valve

Briggs & Forrester Living also specified JG Speedfit’s 10mm Chrome-plated Ball Valves to connect plastic and copper pipes used on the central heating runs. The valves’ easy-to-operate handle enables the flow of water to a fixture or appliance to be quickly and easily isolated. Lockshield Radiator Valves were also used to isolate and balance radiators, ensuring they heat up evenly and at the same time.

All apartments also feature SharkBite’s push-fit Washing Machine Valve, which is a chrome-plated brass valve with an isolator and double check valve for connecting and protecting washing machines.

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RWC and its family of brands were appointed on the strength of their innovative product range and expert product advice and guidance, meeting all the project’s plumbing requirements and standards. The on-site technical support, coupled with valuable on onsite training, played a pivotal role in helping us complete the project safely and on time.

Ian Mackenzie, Construction Manager, Briggs & Forrester Living

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