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Smart water control for a state of the art redevelopment

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Gascoigne Estate, Barking, London
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Project requirements:

Eliminate water leaks while reducing installation time

Located in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Gascoigne Estate, features 660 residential units built over 6 blocks. This new East London real estate development is comprised of mixed tenures, including affordable housing, shared ownership, and private dwellings. Housing redevelopments are thriving as part of the London Housing Strategy, which aims to address the capital's housing crisis by creating genuinely affordable homes and developing poorly maintained infrastructure.

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The project

A key aspect of this project will be the cutting of residential energy consumption CO2 emissions by 40%, while district heating systems will help reduce residents’ fuel bills. Additionally, more than 1,000 bicycle parking spaces will be provided to promote a greener community.

Main contractor Wilmott Dixon appointed Kane Group as the M&E contractor and identified the necessary leak detection considerations. Kane Group contacted RWC for a solution and the recommendation was to use the Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detector Control Valve and the Tenant Valve Advance because of their ability to help accelerate installation times while greatly reducing the risks of leaks.


Our involvement

The MultiSafe Leak Detector Control Valve was installed to provide ultimate leak detection and intelligent water management by constantly measuring water flow rate, pressure, temperature and hardness. It was crucial for Kane Group to select this technology from RWC, as they needed a solution that will minimise the risk of costly leaks.

Gascoigne cast study installation

The specified Tenant Valve Advance combines several functions into one compact, self-contained unit that controls water supply to multi-unit residential sites, thereby meeting high performance, leak reduction, space and cost saving installation requirements, which was of particular importance to Kane Group.

315i Pressure Reducing Valves  were installed where a Tenant Valve was not required to stage pressure reduction. PRVs were selected by Kane Group for this project to prevent damage to heating systems by reducing high inlet pressures from the main water supply to a safer lower outlet pressure.

The Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detector is an innovative solution for our affordable homes development of over 600 residential units in Barking, helping reduce the risk and cost of leaks in a neat and compact unit that gives the end user full control and app interface. Additionally, the Reliance Valves Tenant Valve Advance has been a great innovation for our development, as it has been extremely fast and easy to install, saving both time and money.

Craig Smith, Technical Buyer at Kane Group

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