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Chimney Court Housing Care

Providing safe and reliable water temperatures to protect vulnerable people

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Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd
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Reading, Berkshire, England
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Project requirements:

Safe and stable outlet temperatures

Chimney Court is an extra care sheltered housing scheme set in the charming suburbs of Reading, Berkshire. Located right next to Reading's largest open space, Prospect Park, which is named after its spectacular views of the Kennet Valley and beyond. This flawlessly constructed building features stylish interior design and a beautifully manicured garden, which provides its residents with a peaceful living environment.

Outside of Chimney Court Housing Care

The project

Offering self-contained one and two-bedroom flats, Chimney Court's mission is to foster residents' independence while offering a sense of comfort to nurture their physical and social needs. Having a safe and secure environment allows residents to safely enjoy their lives and social pursuits, which gives them and their families peace of mind.

For plumbing, heating and ventilation engineers, Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd, it was important to create a reliable and safe hot water supply system that could be easily installed and maintained.

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Our involvement

Approved for public and healthcare sectors, Reliance Valves Ausimix Compact TMV2/3 Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) were specified and installed throughout to maintain a constant and safe outlet temperature that would protect occupants from burns and scalds.

TMVs ease of installation, low maintenance, and easy serviceability for years to come were significant considerations in their selection, making the product an ideal choice. 

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To protect vulnerable residents from accidental injuries, the Ausimix mixes hot and cold water at the point of discharge to a stable and safer temperature, whilst enabling the water to be stored at high temperatures to help prevent Legionella. If the cold water supply fails, the valve automatically shuts off the hot water to prevent unsafe temperatures from reaching the outlet.

Advanced Maintenance selected this technology from Reliance Valves as they needed a solution that complied with the standards for healthcare premises set out in accordance with England's Building Regulations Part G and D08.


At Advanced Maintenance we have carried out many projects whereby we have used Reliance Valves TMVs and the feedback from clients and residents alike speaks for itself. Our engineers favour installing these TMVs, as well as servicing them, due to their high-quality manufacturing and reliability. We have fitted 1,000 to date with no call backs which is a great achievement.

Ricky Gale, Operations Director at Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd.

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