Three solutions to create a water efficient home

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Creating a water efficient home is a vital step to reducing energy costs and becoming more sustainable. To support installers to provide efficient solutions to their customers, RWC offer several innovative products to help regulate water usage in private homes. Let us introduce you to three easy solutions to create a water efficient home to secure a more sustainable future.

In the UK, energy costs are rising at an alarming rate. At the same time, sustainability remains in the headlines, with legislation aiming to encourage the reduction of our country’s carbon footprint, such as Part L of the Building Regulations.

Not surprisingly, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more environmentally friendly by improving the way they heat and use water. And there are three main issues homeowners and installers are faced with when it comes to water efficiency: leaks, temperature control, and ease of installation. Let’s take a look at these issues and what solutions are available to create a water efficient home.

Reliance Valves Multisafe Leak Detector Control Valve

Stop costly leaks

Water leakage is every homeowner’s nightmare. Not only can leaks be hard to detect if they occur behind walls, they can also cause structural damage to properties, increase water usage and therefore energy costs. Leaks can also be difficult to fix, often resulting in extensive renovations of surrounding areas. Beyond the obvious damage to buildings, water leaks can lead to project delays and costly repairs, with more than £930 million water damage claims paid out every year in the UK. Considering that 43% of UK homeowners experience leaks, solutions that protect properties from water damage are vital.

The MultiSafe Leak Detector Control Valve, from RWC’s Reliance Valves, counteracts leaks and makes a more water efficient home by preventing them long before they might occur. It works by identifying the issue early to prevent water damage, sending an alert when an unusual fluctuation in water flow is detected, and automatically shuts off the water supply. Furthermore, the system recognises micro leaks, when exceptionally small amounts of water continuously leak over time. In many cases, these micro leaks can go undetected by other leak prevention devices, and the damage they cause is costly if left untreated. The system also monitors water usage and patterns, identifying potential areas for conservation, and can be connected with multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network to centrally control several devices in large buildings or apartments.

Reliance Valves Floreg Isolation Valve

Conserve water at the point of use

Homes require a lot of water and energy, whether for heating or washing, but such resources aren’t  always used efficiently. From taps being left open too long, to boilers needing to work harder than necessary, a vast amount of water is wasted in many private properties. Often, this happens without the homeowner’s knowledge, but it results in very real rising energy costs and a damaging environmental impact.

A lot of energy and water waste can be reduced by installing intelligent valves that maintain flow rates at the desired level. With Reliance Valves’ Floreg Isolation Valve, water flow is operated using the external lever on the isolating valve and can be shut off completely or simply restricted depending on the usage of the valve. An example would be restricting the amount of water used when flushing the toilet. Often toilets have a six litre flush or a nine lire flush option, so you could easily create a more water efficient home by saving three litres of water multiple times a day.

By using the Floreg Isolation Valve you can ensure that you are conserving water before you even make use of it, helping you create a water efficient home.

A man's hands holding a JG Speedfit push fit T fitting.

Easy installation for a better, faster, greener home

To ensure a more water efficient home, we need to consider all the materials that make up a building. Even something as small as a plumbing fitting can help create a more sustainable future. Alongside the need to reduce water and energy waste, installers and homeowners can reduce costs and make homes more water efficient by installing RWC’s JG Speedfit and SharkBite push-fit solutions that make installation faster, maintenance simpler and system reconfiguration more straightforward and sustainable.

JG Speedfit plastic and SharkBite brass push-fit connectors are a convenient solution for installers, as they require no tools to be assembled. Installers simply need to push the pipe into the fitting to ensure a safe and lasting connection. The fittings feature stainless-steel teeth, making sure the connection is secure, while the O-Ring ensures a watertight seal. Additionally, such push-fit connectors can be rotated after installation, making them much easier to navigate in tight spaces, which is often the case in private homes.

RWC’s plastic and brass connectors also address one of the biggest causes of leaks – corrosion. By being completely corrosion-proof, JG Speedfit and SharkBite fittings last longer and require less maintenance, making the installation a better, faster, and greener solution for homeowners overall.

Making water efficient homes will not only help reduce the risk of rising energy bills for homeowners but also limit the impact of water and energy wastage on the environment, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future.

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