How Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit make installation easier

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Plumbing and heating installers are having to increasingly work in tighter spaces as the  smaller real-estate of new builds means people are living in considerably smaller spaces compared to those of the past. And this is placing further demands on installers to efficiently deliver on complicated plumbing and heating projects.

As a result, compact and easy-to-install plumbing solutions are becoming ever more popular. Therefore, to address this need, RWC has recently combined its JG Speedfit technology with a range of Reliance Valves, to help plumbing and heating experts install water control systems in smaller spaces and in less time. In this blog we discuss some of the products available and how they can make your life easier.

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What are Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit?

As a company that strives for plumbing excellence, RWC has brought together many innovative plumbing brands to be a part of the RWC family. Reliance Valves and JG Speedfit are two such brands, each with their own distinct legacy and innovative technologies.

Combining the Reliance Valves range, which specialises in water pressure, temperature, and thermostatic mixing valves, with the innovative push-fit system from JG Speedfit, has made many plumbing and heating jobs quicker and easier. This is because the push-fit technology takes less time to fit, while the compact valves take less space on site, yet offering utmost control and reliability.

The Reliance Valves available with JG Speedfit connectors are the Easifit Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV), the 312 Compact Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), the Nickel-Plated Brass Ball Valve and the Automatic Air Vent.

  • The Easifit TMV mixes hot and cold water to provide users with a comfortable temperature to avoid scalding. As a small and easy-to-install valve that is compatible with both TMV2 and TMV3 schemes, this valve is favoured by installers since it is easy to work with, especially in tight spaces like under a bath.
  • JG Speedfit technology is also used in the 312 Compact PRV, which safely controls water pressure in a building. Thanks to a one-piece cartridge design and push-fit connections, this valve is one of the most durable and popular products of its kind.
  • Push-fit Nickel-Plated Ball Valves are easy and safe to use for shutting off hot and cold water.
  • The high-quality Air Vent with push-fit connection improves the performance of sealed heating systems by automatically bleeding air from them.

All four valve systems are essential tools in a plumbing or heating installer's arsenal and are especially useful in the fitting and installation of systems in confined to tight spaces.

Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit Nickel Ball Valve

Here are a few ways that Reliance Valves with Speedfit technology make for easier connections

Speed of application

JG Speedfit connections make installation even quicker by being entirely tool free. The pipe simply needs to be pushed into the valve and the collet with stainless steel teeth firmly grips onto the pipe, ensuring a leak-free seal.

No tools required in tight spaces

Plumbing and heating jobs in tight spaces are becoming increasingly difficult as they are sometimes too compact to fit the required tools, such as wrenches and blow torches.

JG Speedfit connections only require pipe cutters to cut tubing to desired lengths, making the installation of Reliance Valves with Speedfit safer and easier compared to most of the traditional methods.

Repair and maintenance

Reliance Valves combined with JG Speedfit technology make repair work simple as you can demount the valves for maintenance or replacement if necessary. And unlike some other installation methods such as press-fit, the fittings can also be reused.

These are just some of the ways that Reliance Valves with Speedfit Connections make the installation process much easier. To find out more about the range, click here.

Fitting valves just got faster

Discover the control and reliability of Reliance Valves with the speed and simplicity of JG Speedfit.

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