Push-fit valves that every installer needs in their toolkit

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Date posted: 28th Sep 2021

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Essential Push-fit Valves

As every installer knows, valves are vital to keeping plumbing and heating systems in tip-top condition. From controlling water temperature and pressure, through to preventing backflow and expending trapped air, valves perform a variety of functions – and many carry a legal requirement to be installed.

However, as installers will also know, fitting these components can prove tricky, especially with valves that are placed in areas with tight access. Getting tools or hands under basins, behind sinks or in cramped areas can be nigh-on impossible, making jobs much more difficult and time-consuming.

This is where push-fit technology comes in handy. Here are five metal and plastic valves that have JG Speedfit connections to make installation faster, safer and easier, which we encourage you to have in your toolkit.

Practical metal and plastic valves for installers

Here are five metal and plastic valves that have JG Speedfit connections to make installation faster, safer and easier, which we encourage you to have in your toolkit.

1. Easifit TMV

The Easifit TMV from Reliance Valves was already one of the smallest thermostatic mixing valves on the market, and last year we added a version with JG Speedfit connections, making it ideal for tight spaces such as underneath baths.

Precisely blending hot and cold water to a safe and comfortable temperature, the Easifit protects users from scalding and is compliant with both TMV2 and TMV3 schemes, so it is suitable for use in domestic, commercial, and healthcare applications.

Easifit TMV value

2. 312 Compact PRV

Also benefitting from JG Speedfit technology is the 312 Compact PRV. This pressure reducing valve is designed for domestic applications and is adjustable between 1.5 – 6.0 bar for up to 45 degrees Celsius.

Already one of the most robust and popular products of its type, the push-fit connections and one-piece cartridge design means the valve is even easier to install and service.

312 compact prv valve

3. Nickel Plated Ball Valve

Another push-fit valve to have in your toolkit are Reliance Valves’ nickel plated ball valves. Available with 15mm or 22mm push-fit connections, these valves allow for water to be shut off quickly and easily, so that you can drain sections of the pipework off without needing to stop the supply to the whole system.

You can get these valves with easy-to-use blue or red handles for cold and hot water applications respectively.

nickel plated ball valve

4. Automatic Air Vent

With underfloor heating gaining in popularity, you’ll likely need automatic air vents in your portfolio of materials. Here, push-fit versions like the Reliance Valves’ Automatic Air Vent make these easier to mount onto manifolds so that air can be automatically purged off the system.

Why do you need these? Well, when air becomes trapped in a sealed heating system it can cause a wide variety of problems including excessive noise, corrosion and increased maintenance costs. Air locks can prevent the system from operating effectively and efficiently.

Automatic air vent valve

5. Double Check Service Valve

If you need to save space under the sink or in utility rooms, and you need to provide backflow protection, then look no further than the JG Speedfit Double Check Service Valve.

This handy two-in-one push-fit valve combines to provide backflow protection as well as isolation for servicing and maintenance. Simply push either plastic or copper pipe into the valve ends to make a reliable connection, with no tools required.

Push-fit – faster to fit, simpler for space saving

Above are just five examples of how our push-fit technology can be used to fit faster and make installations simpler in every day plumbing and heating applications, and we have many more in our complete range from JG Speedfit, SharkBite and Reliance Valves.

We’re also on hand to help with any plumbing and heating questions you may have, with one of the largest technical teams in the UK available to provide advice and best practice.

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