Heatguard BF2-2 TMV2 Group Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Heatguard BF2 22mm 2-in-1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve DISCONTINUED
Heatguard BF2 22mm 4-in-1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve DISCONTINUEd
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Group mixing valve that blends hot and cold water thermostatically to ensure a safe outlet temperature. (TMV2 approved for the public sector)

Reliance Valves Heatguard BF2-2 Group Thermostatic Mixing Valve blends hot and cold water to a constant and safe outlet temperature to prevent scalding.

The high-performance valve has been designed specifically for high flow bath fill when fitted on low pressure domestic systems. It is fully approved by Buildcert to the TMV2 Scheme for thermostatic mixing valves in domestic properties and provides precise and stable temperature control if either the hot or cold supply fails.

The 2-in-1 valve has a single check valve fitted to its inlets to prevent crossflow and a disc type stainless steel strainer fitted to the front of the check carriage to protect the valve from damage caused by system contamination. The 4-in-1 valve has a specially constructed inlet fitting incorporating isolation, filtration and a test point for temperature and pressure.

Features and benefits

  • TMV2 approved valve designed specifically for group mixing applications
  • Offers high flow rates on low pressure systems
  • Works in larger areas up to 10:1 pressure differential, exceeding the industry standard of 5:1
  • Features Viton seals instead of EPDM to significantly improve performance at higher temperatures
  • Suitable for shower, bath, basin and bidet hot water applications
  • Compatible with copper pipe only
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Heatguard BF2 22mm 2-in-1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve DISCONTINUED
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Heatguard BF2 22mm 4-in-1 Thermostatic Mixing Valve DISCONTINUED
4-in-1 Union22