Euromixer 4-in-1 Group Thermostatic Group Mixing Valve

Euromixer 1″ FBSP 4-in-1 Group Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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High flow rate group mixing valve that blends hot and cold water thermostatically to ensure a safe outlet temperature

Reliance Valves Euromixer is a high flow rate thermostatic mixing valve for group mixing applications. It is primarily used for multiple outlet shower or basin installations where stable outlet temperatures at varying flow rates are required.

Suitable for feeding 1-10 showers or taps, Euromixer also has adjustable and lockable temperature control. The 4-in-1 compact unit includes a full flow chrome-plated ball type isolating valve, a high flow barrel type strainer to protect the check cartridge/non-return valve from system contamination, as well as a 1/4″ BSP test point for monitoring system conditions such as temperature, pressure and crossflow.

Features and benefits

  • Flexible adjustable and lockable temperature control
  • High flow rates suitable for feeding multiple showers or taps
  • FBSP type connections to allow adaption to all types of connections
  • 4-in-1 compact unit providing isolation, filtration, crossflow prevention and a gauge port for testing
  • Suitable for shower, bath, basin and bidet hot water applications
  • Compatible with copper pipe only


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionModelBSP ″Accreditations
HEAT630100Euromixer 1″ FBSP 4-in-1 Group Thermostatic Mixing Valve630 Model1
HEAT640100Euromixer 1 1⁄4″ FBSP 4-in-1 Group Thermostatic Mixing Valve640 Model1 1⁄4