Heatguard UFH Thermostatic Blending Valve

Heatguard UFH 28mm Thermostatic Blending Valve
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Blends flow and return supplies to an underfloor heating system, controlling the flow temperature without fluctuations

Reliance Valves Heatguard UFH Thermostatic Bending Valves blends flow and return supplies to an underfloor heating system to achieve stable system performance. Available with 28 or 22mm compression connections, the wax capsule technology ensures stable mixed water temperature without fluctuations.

Features and benefits

  • Provides high flow rates and superb temperature control
  • Quick reaction to supply temperature changes
  • User adjustable between 25°C to 60°C
  • Compression type connections for ease of installation
  • Lockable temperature adjustment mechanism
  • Suitable for use in underfloor heating applications only
  • For use with copper pipe only
SKUDescriptionModelSize mm
HEAT115002Heatguard UFH 28mm Thermostatic Blending Valve28mm Model28
HEAT219058Heatguard UFH 22mm Thermostatic Blending Valve22mm Model22