Dry Trap Tundish

Dry Trap Tundish 15 x 22mm
Dry Trap Tundish 15 x 32mm
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Backflow prevention device for Fluid Category 5 contamination risk with AA type air gap and spring loaded mechanism

Reliance Valves Dry Trap Tundish is a type AA backflow prevention device, meaning it is an unrestricted air gap. It is designed to take any discharge that may occur from either a Pressure Relief Valve or a Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve fitted to an unvented hot water cylinder. Water flowing through a tundish is an indication of a fault with the system and alerts the occupants of the issue.

It is typical practice to fit both a trap, to prevent odours coming up through the drainage system, and a tundish to prevent backflow into the potable water system. The Reliance Valves Dry Trap Tundish type incorporates a waste trap, saving time and cost when installing a discharge pipe into a soil or waste pipe. The specially designed seal prevents odours or gases from entering the building, while still allowing discharged water to be conveyed to waste safely.

Features and benefits

  • Type AA backflow prevention for robust protection from potable water contamination
  • Ideal for use with an unvented water heater or boiler relief valve discharge
  • Spring-loaded seat to prevent smells and gasses from travelling backwards
  • Can be connected directly to a soil point or external termination point
  • Operates under full bore discharge and minimal discharge


WRAS approved product
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TUND60000515 × 22mm Dry Trap Tundish1522
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