Standard electronic room thermostat

Standard Electronic Room Stat Volt Free
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This product is discontinued.

Single dial thermostat for radiator or underfloor heating control

Reliance Valves standard electronic room thermostats sit on the wall within any building with a heating system and monitor the indoor temperature to control the boiler. When the temperature drops below the set level, the thermostat turns the heating on and, once it reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat turns the heating off so that building doesn’t get too hot.

The thermostats use a mechanical device to sense changes in temperature which cause metal coils or strips inside to move and connect or disconnect the electric circuit.

Designed to prevent buildings from becoming too warm and wasting excess energy on constantly having the heating turned on. The room thermostats are set to the lowest comfortable temperature and operate to maintain the temperature, providing an efficient and effective heating system.

Features and benefits

  • Manual easy grip adjustment dial
  • Audible on/off click
  • Slimline design
  • Neon light option available
  • Volt-free option
  • Industry standard backplate for ease of installation
  • Suitable for radiators and underfloor heating applications
Standard Electronic Room Stat Volt Free DISCONTINUED
Volt Free