Potable Water Shock Arrestor

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Compact mini vessel to eliminate the noise created by water hammer

Reliance Valves Potable Water Shock Arrestor is a compact mini vessel designed to be fitted close to an appliance or fixture to eliminate the noise created by water hammer.

Water hammer is caused during a pressure surge within a potable water system. The hammer is caused by a sudden stop or change of water flow within the system and is extremely common in domestic plumbing. Water hammer usually happens when the pressure within the system is too high. Our shock arrestor can be fitted at the point of use to prevent water hammer within the system.

Features and benefits

  • Stainless steel shell and flange to prevent corrosion
  • Pre-charge valve for topping up air pressure
  • 0.16L arrestor also available with a SharkBite push-fit connector or SharkBite push-fit tee
  • Suitable for hot and cold water use only


WRAS approved product
XVES0500000.16L Shock Arrestor Pre-set 5.0 Bar0.16 Litre Pre-set at 5 Bar
XVES0500050.50L Shock Arrestor Pre-set 5.0 Bar0.5 Litre Pre-set at 5 Bar
XVES0500061L Shock Arrestor Pre-set 5.0 Bar1 Litre Pre-set at 5 Bar
XVES0500072L Shock Arrestor Pre-set 5.0 Bar2 Litre Pre-set at 5 Bar