Easifit Sealed System Kit for Manifolds

Easifit Sealed System Kit Manifold
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G3 compliant sealed heating system kit including vessel, pressure relief valve, gauge and filling loop

Reliance Valves Easifit Sealed System Kit uses a multibloc system, utilising proven technology in a modular easy to use format. It is designed to make the initial installation process of a sealed system or conversion of a conventional vented heating system to a sealed system as simple as possible.

The Easifit Sealed System Expansion Vessel Kit includes an expansion vessel with integrated bracket system, a WRAS approved filling loop with blanking caps, an easy to read pressure gauge and a one-piece connection manifold that requires no assembly.

Features and benefits

  • Includes an expansion vessel with integrated bracket system for ease of installation
  • The connection manifold is a one-piece unit and requires no assembly
  • Includes a WRAS approved filling loop with blanking caps
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Union type connection to the expansion vessel can be easily orientated
  • Suitable for heating applications only
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