Mini Isolating Ball Valve

Mini Isolating Ball Valve - BVAL201001
Mini Isolating Ball Valve - BVAL201002
Mini Isolating Ball Valve - BVAL201003
Mini Isolating Ball Valve - BVAL201004
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Isolates supply to a fixture or appliance without disruption to the main water supply

Reliance Valves Mini Isolating Ball Valves are compact high-quality valves that offer durable and secure isolation. For quick and easy installation, the valve is screwdriver operated and uses compression connections.

The ball valves have a chromium plated ball, also made from brass, which is encapsulated between 2 NBR Elastomer seals. Available in either nickel plated or as self-coloured brass, the valves come in 15 and 22mm sizes. The valves are not suitable for chilled water applications and have a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

Features and benefits

  • Compact high-quality valve offering durable and secure isolation
  • Available in nickel and brass finish
  • Chrome-plated brass ball encapsulated between 2 high grade NBR seals, gives smooth operation and reliability
  • Compression connections for ease of installation
  • Suitable for hot and cold water use only
  • Compatible with copper pipe only


WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionModelSize mmAccreditations
BVAL20100115mm Isolating Ball Valve (Brass)Brass Finish15
BVAL20100215mm Isolating Ball Valve (Nickel)Nickel Finish15
BVAL20100322mm Isolating Ball Valve (Brass)Brass Finish22
BVAL20100422mm Isolating Ball Valve (Nickel)Nickel Finish22
BVAL20120015mm Isolating Ball Valve (Nickel) 16 Bar RatedNickel Finish High Pressure (16 Bar Max)15