Floguard Compact Double Check Valves

Floguard 22mm Compact Double Check Valve
Floguard 28mm Compact Double Check Valve
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Brass slimline double check valve for Fluid Category 3 contamination risks

Reliance Valves Floguard Double Check Valves protect against the risk of backflow and back siphonage contamination. The compact and lightweight valves are ideal for all class 3 contamination risks as per Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Double check valves contain two valves so that if one valve fails, the other acts to prevent backflow and contamination in the mains water supply. The valves contain a check cartridge that under normal conditions is held closed by pressure within the system. When vacuum conditions occur, the suction causes the check cartridge to open and air to flow through, equalising the pressure within the hot water heater.

Features and benefits

  • Double check valves protects against the risk of backflow and back siphonage contaminations
  • Compact lightweight construction for easy installation
  • Minimum pressure drop offer good flow rates
  • Available with FBSP and compression connections
  • Suitable for hot and cold water use only
  • Compatible with copper pipe only


WRAS approved product
KIWA UK Water Regulation 4 Approved
SKUDescriptionModelSize mmAccreditations
FLOW230003Floguard 22mm Compact Double Check ValveType ED Backflow Prevention Device22
FLOW230004Floguard 28mm Compact Double Check ValveType ED Backflow Prevention Device28