Compact STBA RPZ Valve

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Protects plumbing systems from contamination, back pressure or back siphonage up to Fluid Category 4 (STBA type backflow prevention)

Reliance Valves Reduced Pressure Zone Valve incorporates multiple check valves and can provide protection against back pressure and back siphonage of up to Fluid Category 4.

An RPZ valve is one of the safest and most reliable backflow preventer valves available. RPZ valves offer protection against back pressure and siphonage to protect the mains water supply and drinking network from contamination.

When pressure rises in the system, the valve evacuates waste water from the system when there is a drop in pressure to prevent water from flowing back into the main pipeline from individual premises.

The compact design includes an interchangeable flange plat connection to allow for both horizontal and vertical piping arrangements, making it ideal for retrofit applications and installations where space for the valve is restricted.

Features and benefits

  • Compact STBA RPZ valve
  • Protects against back pressure and back-siphonage in applications up to Fluid Category 4
  • Flange can be mounted in any position, providing the tundish faces downwards
  • All serviceable components can be accessed easily for maintenance
  • Suitable for cold water use only
  • Compatible with copper and MDPE pipe (further fittings required)
SKUDescriptionModelBSP ″
RPZV2500011⁄2″ Compact Type STBA Reduced Pressure Zone ValveType STBA Back Flow Prevention1⁄2
RPZV250005Compact Type STBA 3⁄4″ Reduced Pressure Zone ValveType STBA Back Flow Prevention3⁄4