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Heating System Components

Versatile solutions specifically designed for precise control and safety of sealed heating systems. 

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With over 70 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, Reliance Valves offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of heating system components for sealed heating systems. 

Our heating system components are designed to maintain system balance with precision and to always ensure safe operating conditions.  

From temperature and pressure relief valves to heating controls and backflow preventers, we offer a wide range of components for domestic and commercial applications. 

Circulation Control

Anti-Legionella Valves

Anti-Legionella valves that keep water supplies safe by preventing the harmful growth of Legionella bacteria.
Expansion vessels

Expansion Vessels

A range of expansion vessels that stop over pressurisation and prevent backflow.
Prepared kits

Prepared Kits

Convenient sealed heating system kits that can be used to install new systems or convert conventional systems.
Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves

Reliable pressure relief valves that prevent heating systems and potable systems from over pressurisation.
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Radiator Valves

Reliance Valves offers a wide range of radiator control valve bodies and heads to effectively control and regulate water supply to radiators.
shock arrestor

Shock Arrestors

Reliable shock arrestors that eliminate the noise of water hammer in potable water systems.


A range of thermostats for regulating heat to radiator systems, underfloor heating and hot water cylinders.


Plastic tundishes that act as safety devices for both pressure and temperature relief valves.

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Watch Anti-Legionella Valve - Product Spotlight on YouTube.

Watch our Product Spotlight: Anti-Legionella Valve

Discover how our Anti-Legionella Valve offers ultimate protection against harmful bacteria growth in plumbing and heating systems. 

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