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Flow Control

Precision water flow control valves to measure and regulate water flow and pressure for safe operating conditions.

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Reliance Valves pioneer water flow control valves to regulate the flow of water in and around buildings. For over 70 years we have been designing and manufacturing innovative water control valves to regulate water flow and pressure within the built environment.  

Our flow control valves enable building operators to accurately measure, monitor and adjust flow rates for optimum safety, enhanced economic performance and total peace of mind. And ease of installation and simplicity of operation are built in as standard.  

Within our flow control valves range you will find pressure reducing valves (PRVs), dynamic and manual balancing valves (DPCVs, FODRs & PICVs), backflow prevention valves, isolating valves, pressure gauges and more. You will also find MultiSafe our intelligent water management leak detection system, providing ultimate protection from costly water damage.   

pressure valve

Pressure Reducing Valves

Robust pressure reducing valves that safely control water pressure and flow in domestic, industrial and commercial buildings.
RPZ Backflow Preventer

Backflow Prevention Valves

Robust backflow prevention valves to protect plumbing systems from contamination, back pressure or back siphonage.
Dynamic Balancing Valves Category Thumbnail

Dynamic Balancing Valves

Precise pressure and flow control valves for variable flow systems. Suitable for heating and chilled water systems.
Manual Balancing Valves Category Thumbnail

Manual Balancing Valves

Precise flow control valves for accurately regulating and measuring water flow to an appliance or area of a building.
Isolating Valves Category Thumbnail

Isolating Valves

Reliable isolating valves for quickly and easily isolating water and gas supply to fixtures, appliances or specific zones for fast and simple repair and maintenance work.
Gate and Globe Valves Category Thumbnail

Gate and Globe Valves

Reliable Gate and Globe Valves for quickly and easily isolating the water supply to a fixture, appliance or area of a building.
The MultiSafe valve.

Leak Protection

Smart leak detection system that protects properties and building projects from costly water damage.

Pressure Gauges

Easy to read pressure gauges for a variety of applications, pressure ranges and installation orientations.
Chobham Manor exterior.
Case study

Chobham Manor

An olympic venue becomes a dream home for Londoners

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Watch Commercial 315i PRV - Product Spotlight on YouTube.

Watch our Product Spotlight: Commercial 315i PRV

See how our high-performance commercial PRV safeguards plumbing and heating systems using ultimate flow control. 

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